Organizational Plants

Africa Renewal Ministries has planted four additional ministries

Over the years, ARM’s ministry has grown & expanded immensely.  This growth has led us to plant 4 additional ministries to help us accomplish all of the work that needs to be done here in Uganda.  It is often said that ARM is the mother, and these organisations are our children.

These ministries, while part of us, comply with our Uganda standards boards and are thus registered as separate and distinct organisations here in Uganda.  While we are distinct organisations it is important to note that we work closely together and we are each a vital part in helping ARM realise it’s vision of developing and equipping generations of transformational Christian leaders in Uganda.



Mission: Loving Hearts Babies Home exists to restore orphaned/abandoned babies into permanent families through Loving Hearts Initiatives, Churches, and other partnerships to strengthen & empower agents of change for future generations.

Manager: Miriam Mwmoranda Sebajunga

Clinic Locations: Gaba (Wentz Medical Centre, 2005);   Mukono (Bethany Community Clinic, 2008);   Muleete (Muleete Community Clinic, 2011)

Vision: The model of excellence for quality, holistic healthcare in Africa

Mission: We are a community oriented medical institution, providing the very best of holistic healthcare, empowering individuals and communities for healthy living.

Director: Dr. Martin Nkundeki


Name: Africa Renewal University (ARU)

Year Started: 2007

Location: Buloba, Uganda

Ministry Focus: University Education



Mission: We commit ourselves to develop a new generation of Christian leaders whose lives are transformed by rigorous study of Scripture, impassioned love for God and faithful service to the nations as the body of Christ

Director: Jeff Atherstone

Name: Renewal Enterprises Limited (REL)

Year Started: 2012

Location: Gaba, Uganda

Ministry Focus: Self-Sustainability

Vision: Create a self sustainable environment that will generate income to bring about financial freedom in Africa Renewal Ministries.

Mission: To optimally utilise resources to enable growth and development in Africa Renewal Ministries while upholding Christian principles in all aspects of business

Co-Managers: Robert Banalya & Henry Ssekajja






ARM Urgent Needs

ARM currently has 21 university students waiting for sponsors. Many of these students were the top performers in their high schools, and now risk having to drop out of university if they do not get sponsors soon. Full university sponsorship is $200 a month, but we accept partial amounts of $50, $100, $150 or one time gifts.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Discipleship 
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentoring
  • Missions
  • and much more... 

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