Muleete CDP

# of Sponsored Children: 254

# of Children waiting for sponsors: 59

Year Connected to ARM: March 2004

Closest Major City: Mubende

Sponsorship Location Code: MUL

Population: 706,256 people

Distance to Entebbe Airport: 120 miles

Project Components: School, Church, Clinic, CDP Project

Community Qualities: Mubende has a population of about 706,256. Most of the people in the area depend on agriculture as their sole source of income.  Luganda is the most commonly spoken language in the area.  The district also hosts the historical home of the great Bunyoro-Kitara Empire with the seat of King Ndahula the Chwezi located on Mubende Hill.  The majority of the people are Catholic – making up 52.8% of the population followed by Anglicans who make up 34.3%, then Islam at 9.3% and other religions at 3.6%.

Average Income: $1 per day

% Orphaned: 30%

Literacy Rate: Males: 55% and Females: 45%

Primary Issues: Most common issues are cause by morbidty such as; Malaria, upper respiratory infections, intestinal worms, diarrhoea, malnutrition & HIV/Aids whcih has led to a high percentage of orphans in the area

This past year, Muleete was blessed with a $50,000 gift from one of ARM’s donors to facilitate the purchase and construction of a solar powered water pumping system.

The system includes a 50,000 litter (approx. 13,210 gallon) water holding tank, a solar pump and three taps and is able to pump water over 1000m (approx. 3,280ft).  The taps allow for distribution of the water over 3 sites (the clinic, the school, and one for the general community).

The pump has been such a big blessing to the Muleete Community by solving one of their most basic needs, a need for easy access to clean water.

We bless God for His provision to the Muleete community by using our partners to transform the lives of the children and families in Uganda.

Program Overseer: Ps. Wilson Sentongo

Ps. Wilson gave his life to the Lord in 1970.  Over the years he has planted over 100 churches.  He has a passion for prisoners and orphans and prays that he will continue to see his community transform through the lives of the children he is able to help.

Program Director: Simon Peter Lyazzi

Simon Peter grew up in a Christian home and gave his life to the Lord in 1994.  He loves children and has a passion to train them from young helpless children to mature God fearing adults.

Additional Staff:

Please Keep Muleete CDP in your prayers!


      • We praise God for his continual provision over us.
      • We praise God for our water project which was recently completed and is supplying water for the people in the Muleete Community
      • We praise God for the provision of solar energy power which helps us keep our project activities running even when their is no power
      • We praise God for our community health clinic that is accessible to our children & staff
      • We praise God for the community primary school which has done a great job reducing the illiteracy rate in the community
      • We thank God that this year we have our first candidate sitting for her S.6 UNEB exams
      • We thank God for the gift of life and his protection upon our lives and the children’s lives



      • Pray for the successful completion of their office block which is currently under construction
      • Pray for 59 of their children who are currently waiting for sponsors
      • Pray for Pastor Wilson who is recovering from illness, that we would regain his strength quickly
      • Pray that God will provide them with a maternity & children’s ward in the Muleete clinic to help reduce on the number of maternity death cases in their community
      • Pray for the children, that they would accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and seek to follow him always


ARM Urgent Needs

ARM currently has 21 university students waiting for sponsors. Many of these students were the top performers in their high schools, and now risk having to drop out of university if they do not get sponsors soon. Full university sponsorship is $200 a month, but we accept partial amounts of $50, $100, $150 or one time gifts.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Discipleship 
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentoring
  • Missions
  • and much more... 

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