Luzira CDP

# of Children Sponsored: 234

# of Children Waiting for a Sponsor: 32

Year Connected to ARM: October 2009

Closest Major City: Kampala

Sponsorship Location Code: LUZ

Population: 1,420,200 (2008)

Distance to Entebbe Airport: 28 miles

Project Components: A Church & A Child Development Program

Project Overseer: Alex M Mutagubya

Community Qualities: Luzira is a suburb of  Kampala, the capital of Uganda.  It is best known for the country’s main prison, Luzira Maximum Security Prison, which houses an estimated 20,000 prisoners and 500 death row inmates.  In addition to the prison, Luzira is home to many of Uganda’s industrial factories. Luzira has a vast variety of residents, from slum dwellers in central Luzira to middle class residents in eastern Luzira.

Average Income: $600 per year

% Orphaned: 12%

Literacy Rate: 68%

Primary Issues: Cases of violence, child abuse, girl child molestation, child headed families are very common in this urban centre.  Many people struggle to find adequate accommodation. In the Luzira slums, diseases such as cholera are also rampant.

Project updates: Luzira CDP has a Facebook page! Check it out to get specific updates related to children whose sponsor numbers start with: “LUZ”.  Simply click the link below to get started:


Meet Sharon Nabirye!

Sharon was born in 2001.  Sharon’s father is polygamous and has many wives and many children (47 children to be exact: 26 girls & 21 boys)

Sharon lives with her mother and 5 of her siblings along the shores of Lake Victoria in a town called Portbell.  She is currently in primary 4 (4th grade) at Luzira primary school and a sponsored child at Luzira CDP.

In February 2012, Sharon started falling sick with strange symptoms like abdominal swelling, urinating blood, etc.  Her parents tried several different treatments but when the situation intensified they called the Luzira CDP Staff.  Sharon was immediately rushed to the hospital but after 3 days there was little change.  She was referred to 3 other hospitals before it was discovered that her kidney was causing the problem.  She was admitted and put on treatment, and underwent 6 months of treatment and monitoring.  Sharon still gets follow-up treatment to this day, but her health is now improving! Sharon has improved so much that she has now joined the children’s choir, and attends church, school and project activities regularly.  Glory be to God!


Program Overseer: Ps. Alex Mutagubya

Ps. Alex was a sponsored child since the age of 8.  He gave his life to Christ at 14 & graduated with his Masters of Divinity in 2010.  Alex feels called to empower a generation toward Christian spiritual formation & healthy cultural transformation.  He is currently the lead pastor of Luzira Community Church.


Program Director: Vicent Efumbi

Vincent gave his life to Christ at the age of 17.  Over the years he has worked with several different child development projects before joining ARM.  His passion is to raise children to be Christ’s agents of change for their community and nation’s transformation.

Additional Staff:

Please keep Luzira CDP in your prayers!


      • We praise God for sustaining this project since 2010 despite difficulty with funding and sponsorship
      • We praise God that 6 of our children were selected to be apart of the 2013 Mwangaza Choir tour in America
      • We praise God that 3 of our children have advanced to secondary school this past year

Prayer Requests:

      • Pray for continued provision, especially for God to raise up sponsors for 143 of our children who are awaiting sponsorship
      • Pray for our church transition to it’s new location in Kitintale
      • Pray that God will send us more Sunday School teachers, as we have many children but few workers
      • Pray for the general provision of the church
      • Pray for the provision of our Sunday School that is low in funding
      • Pray for the parents and children in our project
      • Pray for wisdom and Godly understanding for the staff as they lead the people of God in Luzira
      • Pray for insight as the project works towards creating an income generating activity
      • Pray for all of our 8 primary 7 candidates to excel in their state testing this year
      • Pray for the health of our children
      • Pray for provision of land and an office for the project
      • Pray for the salvation of all our children and parents
      • Pray for the parents that they would learn how to raise their children in a more responsible way



ARM Urgent Needs

ARM currently has 21 university students waiting for sponsors. Many of these students were the top performers in their high schools, and now risk having to drop out of university if they do not get sponsors soon. Full university sponsorship is $200 a month, but we accept partial amounts of $50, $100, $150 or one time gifts.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Discipleship 
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentoring
  • Missions
  • and much more... 

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