Kachungwa CDP

# of Sponsored Children: 342

# of Children waiting for sponsors: 0

Year Connected to ARM: 2006

Closest Major City: Mubende

Population: 544,000 people (2009)

Distance to Entebbe Airport: 120 miles

Project Components: CDP Project, School, Church

Average Income: $0.25 per day

% Orphaned: 30%

Literacy Rate: Literacy among males is approximately 35%, there is no data on female literacy rates.

Community Qualities: The major economic activity in Mubende district is agriculture with an emphasis on food crops like sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, maize, bananas, & ground nuts.  Luganda is the most commonly spoken language in the district. The community is host to Nakayima shrine, which tends to attract many visitors to this community.

Primary Issues: Health issues (such as: upper respiratory, skin diseases, malaria, syphilis, & malnutrition), poverty & trauma

Watch this page for Success Stories from Kachungwa CDP.

Program Overseer: Ps. Tutinawe Sylver

Ps. Sylver was saved while studying to be a priest.  His family disowned him when he professed his new beliefs and he was thrown out of seminary soon after.  He has served as both a youth & senior pastor.  His life passion is to see young people who seek to build up the kingdom of God.

Program Director: Yoram Atuhamize


Additional Staff:

Please keep Kachungwa CDP in your prayers!


    • Kids are now able to go to school, with our oldest child currently in Secondary 6 (12th Grade)
    • Children & families have changed.  Many started with us from traditionalist &/or Muslim families but several have accepted Christ.
    • The church has gained access to families & community through their care of the children
    • Evangelism is now an active part of the community
    • The church has been recognised & is now supported by the local authorities
    • 42 of our sponsored children are displaying and growing in their leadership abilities
    • The school now has 630 students
    • The children performed well on their exams, with no failures in the primary section (elementary school)
    • The church has planted 10 churches

Prayer Requests:

    • Pray for us to reach our vision of leadership that will enable us to transform the community around us
    • Pray for our 10 church plants that evangelism will spread through them to others
    • Pray for our children who need sponsors
    • Pray for the Lord to close the physical and emotional gaps between our sponsored and non-sponsored children
    • Pray for people to have a relationship with Christ and not just accept religious practices as being their ticket to heaven.
    • Pray for our staff and church leaders to avoid temptations, jealousy and greed
    • Pray for the salvation of our community leaders and family members


ARM Urgent Needs

ARM currently has 21 university students waiting for sponsors. Many of these students were the top performers in their high schools, and now risk having to drop out of university if they do not get sponsors soon. Full university sponsorship is $200 a month, but we accept partial amounts of $50, $100, $150 or one time gifts.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Discipleship 
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentoring
  • Missions
  • and much more... 

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