Buloba CDP

# of Sponsored Children: 306

# of Children Waiting for Sponsors: 14

Year Connected to ARM: 2009

Closest Major City: Kampala, 12 miles

Population: 1,420,000 (2008)

Distance to Entebbe Airport: 21 miles

Project Components: A Church & A Sponsorship Program

Community Qualities: The main languages spoken by the people in Buloba are Luganda, English, and Swahili.  The area focuses mainly on industry and agricultural products such as potatoes, cassava, beans and green vegetables.

Primary Issues: Poverty & a large orphaned population due to AIDS

Buloba Sports Day

Buloba CDP hosted a day of fun and games for the children of their Project.  The day, meant to teach discipline and teamwork, among other things, consisted of several sporting events.  Among the games were: Sack Races, Long Jump, High Jump, Football, and Netball.

Each of the participants exhibited outstanding talent in their own unique manner.  The girls had a lot to be proud of when one of their own (Sylvia Nabukeera) beat the boys at the high jump.  The guest of honour, Ps. Evelyn Rucharekere (the overseer of Buloba CDP) applauded the house leaders and the children for exhibiting such a high class of discipline and sportsmanship.

The event concluded with an award ceremony, in which the winners in each category received a trophy for their efforts.

Program Overseer: Ps. Eve Rucharekere

Ps. Eve…

Program Director: Godfrey Kayiya

Godfrey Kayiya was saved on May 15th, 1993.  He enjoys serving and caring for children ages 4 to 17 years old.  Godfrey is passionate about the kingdom of God, and it remains his hope and his strength in all he does.

Additional Staff:

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ARM Urgent Needs

ARM currently has 21 university students waiting for sponsors. Many of these students were the top performers in their high schools, and now risk having to drop out of university if they do not get sponsors soon. Full university sponsorship is $200 a month, but we accept partial amounts of $50, $100, $150 or one time gifts.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Discipleship 
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentoring
  • Missions
  • and much more... 

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