Eric Byamugisha

Eric receives a gift from his sponsor

Eric studies to be a Pastor at GBI (now ARU)

Eric & Aidah, ARU Grads!

Introducing Eric & Aidah Byamugisha!

Eric & Aidah's son Jotham

Eric, GCC Discipleship Pastor

Meet Eric Byamugisha.  The first school Eric attended met under a tree and the children learned to count by collecting small sticks.  Wanting more for their son, Eric’s parents sent him to the city to live with his step-brother so that he could be enrolled in the Gaba child sponsorship programme in partnership with Gaba Community Church, through which Africa Renewal Ministries was born.  Eric was unable to read or write.  On weekends he went to Gaba Community Church and it was in the Sunday school there that he heard about Christ and decided to follow Him.

This proved to be a huge turning point in Eric’s life.  After primary and secondary school through the Gaba Sponsorship Program, He went on to be one of Africa Renewal University’s (then Gaba Bible Institute) first students.  It was there that he met his wife to be, Aidah Kikome, and they were married after their graduation in 2008.

Together, Eric and Aidah felt a strong call to be sent out from Gaba Community Church as church planters, so they came on board as volunteers.

After three months of faithful service, a position opened at Gaba Community Church for Eric to be the Discipleship Pastor.

Eric and Aidah are the proud parents of Jotham, who just celebrated his second birthday.  He was born at Wentz Medical Centre, a project of Africa Renewal Ministries.  His parents are determined that their son will also be able to fulfill his God-given potential.

Eric and Aidah’s lives have truly been impacted by Africa Renewal Ministries! Glory be to God!


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